Employee Incentive Programs

employee_incentive Programs

Employers are seeking ways to become an ‘employer of choice’ and to deploy specific strategies to reduce turnover, boost morale and loyalty, improve employee wellness, increase retention, and drive daily employee performance.

Incentivise understands an office is filled with many personalities, needs and pressures. What might be seen as a great incentive or benefit for one employee is not looked upon the same way by another. We work with you to understand the psychographic indicators of your workforce and then look to create a unique and meaningful employee incentive program that will appeal to these various themes.

Here are some of the traditional employee incentives.

Once we have decided on your product/s, then we’ll look at the mechanics of the strategy. From here, we’ll explore the most effective mediums to use.

Together, we are creating your tailored employee incentive program that will be valued by your employees and make you an employer of choice.

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