Customer Incentive programs

Customer Incentive programs

A customer incentive program by definition is a concerted effort made by an organisation to engage with their desired audience to created a desired behaviour or outcome.

In theory it seems simple, but it can be quite hard exercise to execute effectively, especially when dealing with a variety of demographics and psychographics that affect the decision making process. Today’s ‘digital’ age has made it easier to access your audience across multiple platforms and create unique exchanges that reflect your core values.

You may be looking to acquire and engage new customers, retain and reward existing customers, or a combination of both. For this reason, we tailor each customer incentive program to match your customer’s needs.

Here are some of the customer incentive products and services on offer:

Once you have decided on your product component to match these solutions, we we’ll then apply an appropriate mechanic. From here, we’ll explore the most effective mediums to use.

Together, we are creating your tailored customer incentive program that will help increase brand awareness, loyalty and ultimately sales.

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