Fundraising Ideas for NGO's & Charities

Fundraising Ideas

Corporate citizenship has been around for a while in different forms but perhaps none more than now in an economic climate that places a large emphasis on a company’s attention to community values such as social justice, the environment and equal opportunity.

Incentivise prides itself on being in tune and innovative and this certainly applies to this space where we partner with NGO’s, not for profits, charities and social enterprises to help with their fundraising, membership or customer journey. Many of the traditional mechanics don’t apply in creating solutions that work in this sensitive environment that said they are no less important in a very competitive charity space.

Incentivise provides solutions that will help you stand out from the pack.

Here are some of the incentives that can work well in the CSR space.

Once we have decided on your product/s, then we’ll look at the mechanics of the strategy. From here, we’ll explore the most effective mediums to use.

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